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Recent Testimonials



Re: Sale of Atlas and Purchase of House With Freeman Real Estate L:td. Brokerage


April 2012


Elden, Daniel and Randi,

Pam and I want to thank you for the excellent work you did for us in selling our home on Vermont Avenue. 

Your professionalism was exceptional. Your initial market comparison of homes sold and available homes in the Annex and Seaton Village, as well as the potential valuation of our home was very thorough and accurate - in fact, compared to other realtors in the area, it is my opinion that you held the most accurate view of the market, and had the most knowledge of any realtor we interviewed with respect to the area and recent specific sales and comparisons.

The market data which you provided with days on market, inventory and sale and asking prices was very accurate and helpful in providing pricing and negotiating guidance for us. 

I was also impressed that you took the time to understand our property in order to highlight the features and benefits, not only of our street and the neighbourhood, but also of our specific home.

Your team responded very quickly and professionally in the presentation of the home, and was very organized with the marketing preparation, scheduling, and property tours. Listing our property with you had many of our neighbours commenting that they would also choose you when they sell given your record of success and strong presence in the market.

Pam and I would be glad to recommend you to others who are looking to sell their homes.

Thanks again.



Ted and Pam Willcocks

26 Vermont Avenue 




4 March, 2012


Elden and the Freeman Team


We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Elden, Randi, Daniel and their team for all their hard work in selling our condo.  Their professionalism and expertise were exceptional. They came up with the perfect strategy to position our property, and gave excellent support in staging and marketing which generated an unprecedented interest for a unit in our building.

We had a record number of showings which led to no less than eighteen offers, and as a result, within five days of listing, we had sold at twenty percent over asking price.

We also had Elden’s expert advice in buying a house. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the market and his keen negotiating skills, we were able to secure the purchase of a charming house in our preferred neighbourhood at a good price.

It has been a pleasure to work with Elden and his team, and we would recommend their services to anyone.


Beth Whitehead and Hugh Alcock

801 King Street West


January 12, 2012


Elden and Dan Freeman, the dynamic duo!


Considering that I live overseas, way on the other side of the world, selling my house in Toronto couldn't have been any easier.  They were in touch with me all the time giving me updates and always repsonded to any queries I had in a very timely manner. 


They also kept me informed regarding showings-of which we had over 100 in the span of a few days.  And I must say that they took very good care of and showed respect towards my tenants.


Within the span of a week - perhaps less - 6 or 7 offers were made on my property.  I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.  Their follow-up after the sale was also greatly appreciated.


Astute, attentive and a pleasure to work with.  I won't hesitate to work with them again when I decide to purchase another property.


Carolyn Miller


Tokyo, Japan


November 17, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

Re:Daniel Freeman and the Freeman Team

My Wife and I recently decided it was time to make a move after living in our home for over 40 years.  It was a difficult process but the service Daniel provided was truly remarkable

He was patient and understanding with our needs and found us the perfect condominium to help us enjoy the next stage of our lives. 

Daniel was also able to get us an excellent price on the sale of our existing home

It was the little things that Daniel did that really stood out.  He was always available when we needed him and he made a very difficult and intimidating process much easier and much more  manageable. 

I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is thinking of selling or buying a home.


Larry Marr

Bearmore Crescent, Toronto

January 27, 2009



Dear Dan,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for selling our house and assisting us to purchase a new home.

With respect to the sale of our home, your insight into market conditions, and the staging services, personalized website, and other excellent marketing materials were invaluable. Despite the difficult market conditions, you remained excited and optimistic about the sale of our home, and this certainly paid off! We were able to sell our home relatively quickly, while so many houses remained on the market. In addition, your's and Elden's professional approach to negotiations, even in the wee hours of the morning, was impressive.

Further, we are incredibly appreciative of your representation in the purchase of our new home. In fact, we never would have even looked at the house if you hadn't urged us to do so. We know that your affable nature and professional approach to the negotiations were instrumental to our successful purchase of the property. Many, many thanks. 



Nicola Simmons and Michael Cooper



Re: 108 Brunswick Avenue


January 4, 2009


We are very happy with the outcome. We achieved what we wanted to achieve under very difficult circumstances. When we had to choose a real estate company among thousands, we choose your company because our objective was to sell fast. Time was most important to us because we had already bought another property. Time was even more important because the real estate market started to collapse. Waiting for the maximum price was not an option. Although we agreed to your price suggestion, we had some doubts if it was not too low. There were some properties in our area that were listed much higher with other companies. Now, two months later, they are still on the market, and we are glad we followed your suggestion.

The process of preparing (staging) the house was just amazing. You were very efficient and helpful. You supported us practically and emotionally. You provided the interior designer, the handyman, and many honest opinions on how to improve the house. Everything was there when we needed it.

We liked your marketing concept (virtual tour etc.), and we appreciated that you organized four “Open Houses” within one week. When you told us that you had approximately 75 parties and we had only one serious offer, we felt that the price was right, and we decided to sell the house.

We would not hesitate to do business with you again. Thank you again for helping us to sell our house fast in this difficult time.

Kind regards,


Jens and Renate Ziemsen



Re: 341 Atlas Avenue

December 18, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, my wife and I accepted jobs in another city and were faced with the prospect of selling our house while living abroad - during the 2008 credit crunch, no less.

I'm happy to report that with the help of Daniel Freeman and Freeman Realty team, we sold our house within 10 weeks and for a good price. Danny is a tireless and intelligent realtor whom we felt went over and above the call of duty.

His grasp of macroeconomics and his analytical approach to pricing and marketing made him uniquely capable of getting the most out of our home during a rough spell in the housing market.

Were my wife and I ever to find ourselves buying or selling real estate in Toronto again, we wouldn't hesitate to hire Danny again. I suggest you do the same.


Tyler Stiem




Re: Sale of 232 Markham St. December 10, 2008


Dear Elden and Dan,


Your diligence and advise were real assets in getting our house sold in this uncertain market and especially with the difficult buyers we had who were very green and uncertain. Jeremy and I want to thank-you for getting the job done quickly and smoothly and for your constant communication and quick replies during the negotiations.

We can now get on with our lives and start planning for our move which is a relief to say the least.


Best regards,

Suzy & Jeremy Shepherd




October 28, 2008


Dear Elden.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing job that you and Daniel did in selling my house. From the help with staging, to the marketing of the property and finally the negotiation, the job was absolutely top notch.

To be able to sell my house in less than a week in a slowing market was absolutely incredible. The fact that it also sold for over asking was also very much appreciated. I credit the success of my house sale to very good advice from Freeman regarding pricing my house appropriately and then good marketing and follow through from the Freeman team.

Thank you again. I would highly recommend Freeman to anyone looking for a great team to sell their property.


Robert N. Anderson



May 30, 2008


Dear Daniel and Elden :

I never imagined selling my house of 27 years could be so stressful. Seeing it through buyers' eyes was very difficult for me. Thanks to your professionalism, cheerful steady demeanour and good humour I was guided through it all with excellent results.

I especially appreciated your directness and responsiveness. You answered every question and concern openly without any attempt to "gild the lily". Every step of the way you kept me fully informed and helped me maintain my perspective and nerve. Most importantly, you discussed all the options and strategies with me so I could make fully informed decisions. It is clear to me that you are truly experts in your field and I'm happy to recommend you to any potential buyer and/or seller.

My advice to your future clients is to feel easy placing their trust in you. You really do know what buyers want and how the market works. I resisted making some of the changes I had to do only to discover that you had been right from the start. Buyers today do want homes that they can see themselves living in right away. Imagination is not their strong suit and the investment sellers make in preparing their homes for sale makes all the difference.

Thank you again for for your first-rate assistance in a very difficult process. I couldn't be happier with the choice  made and the excellent result we achieved.

All the Best,


Ellen Kert


April 24, 2008


Hi Elden,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your attention to detail during the sale of our house. Your team, including the renovator and the stager, I believe, were instrumental in assisting us in achieving the selling point we did.

I also appreciated the website and pictures you put together. All of this made it much less stressful than the process might have been and enabled us to make the sale quickly and relatively painlessly. Thanks again.

Patricia Rockman



February 2008

Daniel Freeman was an invaluable help in finding our new home and selling our old own. We wholeheartedly recommend him.

He took the time to truly listen to what we wanted in a new home and showed us many appealing houses. When showing us homes, he gave us great ideas of how we could use the space to meet our needs. Not only was he knowledgeable when pointing out features and possibilities of potential homes, he was also quick to alert us to aspects that would need work or repairs, many of which we may not have noticed without him. He took time to show us each house and really focused on matching houses to our needs. He shared his extensive knowledge about the neighborhoods we were looking in- always noting nearby parks and amenities. He was able to work with our busy schedules.

When it came time for us to make offers, he accurately priced houses and insightfully guided us when there were multiple offers. Through his negotiating skills we were able to get a great house for a price we were quite happy with.

Daniel Freeman and his team told us what we need to do to prepare our home for sale, and helped us arrange the preparations. He produced excellent, eye-catching feature sheets, a website and ads. These preparations, coupled with the right pricing strategy which he devised, allowed us to sell our home quickly for the price we wanted, which really helped reduce the stress of the process. He explained and summarized the multiple offers that we received, keeping track of the many relevant details and help us make good decisions in time-limited situations.

Beyond all of the services he provided and hard work he put in, we recommend him because he is patient, pleasant and friendly and a true pleasure to work with.

Aurora Mendelsohn and Louis Kalikow

February, 2008



Re: 677 Shaw Street




If you’re looking for real estate agents look no further; You want the Freemans. We had the pleasure of working with and benefiting from both Daniel and Elden and their complementary styles.


Working with them enabled us to sell our house on Atlas Avenue within a few weeks. The Freemans helped us prepare our house so it looked better than ever and gave us helpful advice that allowed our house to show at its best. We were provided with our own website, a colour feature sheet and weekend open houses, all of which helped us sell our house quickly and at the price we were looking for.


Daniel and Elden were equally wonderful when we moved from seller to buyer and started looking at houses to purchase. They took the time to really understand what we were looking for in a house and matching that with what we could afford. Going through a house with them was a huge learning experience as they pointed out not only the benefits and good points but also the potential issues and shortcomings of any house. They wanted us to know what to look for and why. Most importantly, they wanted us to buy not just a house but our house, based on what we both wanted and needed our house to be… and when we saw it, they made it ours!


Once we found our new house, they made renovation suggestions that would not only make this house our home but also add value to it. In the end, we found a great house at a great price.


And if this weren’t enough, they helped us find short-term accommodation while we transition from old house to new.


Thank you Daniel and Elden!



Priscilla Hendrickson & Yves Anderson



December, 2007


The Freemans :

Thank you so very much for the professional way that your team sold our house. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to our friends and indeed we already have.

Selling a house, especially one you have lived in for what seems like forever, is very difficult and emotionally challenging. Our decision to sell at the time we did, so close to the end of the year wouldn't have happened if we hadn't come across you. We interviewed three top agents from three different well-respected companies and Elden, you and Nancy stood out by far. We were looking for someone to assist in updating our home (a little staging as the bones were good but the house was completely renovated more than ten years ago and was out of date) and giving us advice on the market. Everything that you said in terms of the way to list our property, who would buy it, how long it would take once it's ready for market, the advice of the stager you suggested and the price we would get was right on.

It's always challenging to let your place go and when I specifically (not Ann) had doubts as to some of the renovations, Nancy, you and the stager were there to assure us we were on the right track. I thank you immensely for that and for providing the team to do much of the work. Your team of renovators and stagers including Kris and Taisa were excellent.

I also appreciate the way you proposed your fee schedule and the efforts you took to try to sell the property internally.

As advertised, it took only a week to sell and you had dozens of potential buyers and real estate agents view our property in that time.

And, of course, we were extremely pleased in the price we received which was higher than the other real estate agents had suggested and was significantly higher than the asking price.

Thank you very much,

Jeff and Ann Doyle


Elden & Daniel Freeman!

Dear Daniel and all of your family.

I am most grateful with your utmost care and very professional presentations. Your numerous appointments and advertising. You brought many people in my house 133 Manning Ave. and finely SOLD my home.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to you and your wonderful family for job very well done. We whish you all the success and lots of sales.

Yours truly,

Jose Horta and Josep Ayduk


Dear Freeman's:

If you're considering selling your house, first consider that there's a lot more that goes into it than simply selecting an agent and making the sale.

There's market research, pricing strategy, advertising, staging and of course the ever important follow-up on every opportunity. That's why I can't say enough about the capability and effort of Freeman Real Estate. They helped me understand that this is a process, and let me say " their expertise throughout the process was invaluable."

I heard about the work ethic of the people at Freeman but until you experience it first hand you can't comprehend it. My situation was probably more complex than most. I don't live in Canada and had a house to sell in the GTA. Nancy, Elden and Danny Freeman saw to everything. They coordinated cleaners, trades people, art dealers, stagers and open houses. They managed the offer negotiation into the wee hours of the morning flawlessly. They kept going and going until the process was complete and a success.

It was very refreshing to work with a group of people that live up to the designation of "professional".

My experience was with selling a house but I can easily assume the Freeman Realty process works as well when you're buying a house.

Jamie Mair


September 3, 2007

Daniel and Nancy:

We never thought that the process of selling a house can be so smooth, fast and satisfactory ( 10% over asking price within 10 days), until we met Daniel and Nancy. They have endeavored to maximize exposures on our property with all available channels.

We are really impressed by Daniel's professional insight; from initial estimation of the property to help in staging the house. Most important, Daniel's image and knowledge make him the best representation of young intellectual professional with stylish and sophisticated living style. He is the best person to speak for our modern urban style property.

Nancy is just an amazing lady. What she has given us is not only professional super-agent service, but also a strong support and comfort from a friend. We feel that she really wants to help us from her heart, not just treating it as a business. It can be shown from her passion, effort and care on every tiniest part of the whole process. She is just a friend we can trust and rely on.

We have made the wisest decision to have Daniel and Nancy to be our agents.

Ken & Jen


May 31, 2007

To the Freeman's team

BIG THANKS to you all for your efficient and professional handling the sale of our property 175 Spadina Road - Toronto.

It was almost unbelievable - selling the house in just TWO DAYS for a very good price.

My brother and I would again like to THANK you and rest assure we will strong recommend your services to our friends.

Keep up the good work - wishing you lots of success in the future good selling....

Geroge and Dana Meisher



June 8, 2007

Dear Danny,

Wow! You really did it this time - Five days and 4 offers! Way above asking just like we had hoped for. The strategy worked.

Sounds simple, but Karen and I both know the hard work and effort that went into creating the conditions that lead to the sale going exactly as planned.

Your attention to detail and to creating an environment where we could maximize the equity in our house is greatly appreciated. From ensuring the house showed well, to generating a "healthy" buzz in the neighbourhood, from keeping our house safe and clean during the open house to planting flowers at midnight, you showed a level of professionalism that was beyond our expectations.

As we prepare to move, we want to thank you for the tremendous results.

You're the best!

Mitchell Wolfe and Karen Halpern





June 7, 2007

In preparing to sell a co-op apartment at Avenue Rd. and St. Clair, I interviewed several agents, including Mr. Elden Freeman. His refreshingly informal and candid manner in outlining his pricing and marketing strategies was confidence inspiring, prompting me to list the property with him.

The advice he offered for the preparation of the apartment prior to sale, and his after-sale follow-up and support proved to be invaluable.

His dedication and aggressiveness in the interest of his client contributed to the unit selling within a week at a price far exceeding all previous sales in this 12-story building.

Elden made a difficult task seem effortless. This is indicative of true professionalism.

I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

Thank you and continued success.

Roman Fedorowycz





February 7, 2007

Dear Nancy and Eldon,

I just wanted to tell you how much my brother and I appreciated the great job you did selling my mother’s house.

When deciding upon a real estate agent, it was recommended that we choose someone that we felt comfortable with. From the beginning your presentation was professional yet straight forward and we felt very comfortable in your ability to sell my mother’s home.

We obviously made a good choice in Freeman Realty because the house sold quickly and for substantially over the asking price. Your efforts to paint, stage and photograph the house were done quickly and efficiently making the whole process relatively stress-free. Your professionally produced marketing materials made the most of my mother’s beautiful home and obviously enticed many people.

Under the circumstances you helped to make an emotional situation very manageable and pleasant. I would not hesitate to use your company in the future or to refer your knowledgeable and experienced services to friends or family.

Thank you again for all your fine work.


Jennifer Newsom and Jeffery Harrison





January, 2007

Dear Elden: A quick note to say thank you for all your hard work in selling our house last month.

As you know, when we first met with you we were hesitant about putting our home on the market at this time of year. You convinced us that it was the right thing to do, and obviously your experience and knowledge of our market paid off. Not only were you able to sell the house quickly in the middle of December, the slowest month of the real estate calendar, but we received $150K over asking price!

The tactics you employed, including our house's personalized web site, attracted many viewings. Over the course of a week, including two open houses, we had close to 200 visitors!

Once again, a sincere thank you to you, as well as to Nancy and Daniel. We would not hesitate to recommend Freeman's services to any of our friends looking for a realtor, and will certainly be calling you in the future if we are looking to relocate again.


Lily and Daryl





October 19, 2006

Dear Elden,

Re: 99 Olive Avenue

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did on helping us sell our house. You exceeded our expectations. We particularly appreciate the personal help you provided in recommending the type of improvements to be made to the house before putting it up for sale and your continued support and personal attention during the fix-up phase.

Your recommendations with respect to selecting the listing price, and the general overall marketing strategy, were right on the mark.

We look forward to working with you again, and will without hesitation recommend you to anyone who is selling their home.

Best regards, Sam L. Zuk





June 27, 2006

Hi Elden,

We just wanted say a big thank you to you, Nancy and the entire Freeman team for the superb job you did selling our house. As you know, we had a 'rough start' before we approached your company. But from the moment you and Nancy came to look at your house, talked to us about how it should be marketed and presented your plan, we were confident that we'd made the right choice. ( There's a good reason you're number one in the Annex!)

We especially liked the innovative Web site marketing and how you were able to build buzz for the property.

Now, we're looking forward to our move.

Again, thanks for making the (stressful) process easy. We'd highly recommend the Freeman team to anyone who's thinking about selling their house!

All the best,
Martin & Maureen





June 8, 2006

Dear Freeman Family,

On behalf of the Dziadyk family, we would like to thank Daniel and Nancy Freeman for all your hard work in assisting us to sell our home at 543 Bathurst Street so quickly.

Our initial meeting took place during the home evaluation. We were thoroughly impressed by your knowledge of the home in regards to the architecture, heating and electrical areas. Your knowledge, interest and passion of homes in the Greater Toronto Area from that era influenced our decision to have the Freeman family represent us in selling our home.

It was during a future meeting that we were also impressed by your professionalism, yet warm and friendly approach in relaying all the information needed in the sale and closure of our home.

You, Daniel and Nancy, have made this emotional time much easier for us to say good-bye to our family home. It was with great pleasure for us to do business with your company. We look forward to working again with you in the future.


Elizabeth, Irene and the Dziadyk Family





May 1, 2006

Dear Elden,

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts in selling our house located at 7 Vermont Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

We appreciated your professionalism, positive attitude and the marketing you offered to us including preparation of the information sheets and Internet page. The result was exceptional; our property was sold in one day for 100% of asking price.

We are more than happy to recommend your real estate services.

Best regards,

Yvonne and Marek Litwin





April, 2006

Sale of 7 Olive Avenue
April 2006

Dear Freeman Team:

We wanted to thank you for a job well done in the sale of our home at 7 Olive Avenue.

We chose Nancy, Elden & Daniel Freeman to represent us because of their long track record of success in the downtown. We noted in the years we lived in the area that your listings sold much quicker and for more money than your competitors. In addition you provided a very well thought out marketing plan that led to the sale of our home for more than the listed price in a short time frame .

Thank You

Chris Campbell
Brian Waithe





April 28, 2006

Dear Elden:

Thank you for your excellent work in selling 399 Christie Street!

I appreciate the fact that you not only fixed the gapping hole in my concrete step at no charge, but you sold my house in less than 2 days at full price! You also suggested a closing date that would help cut down on mortgage cancellation penalties. I had a desire to move fast, but you exceeded my expectations in selling my property in a timely matter and providing sound advice.

Thanks again.






April 1, 2006

RE: Freeman Realty - 2006 House Purchase We are in the process of relocating to Toronto from California, and recently purchased a house in downtown Toronto, with the assistance of Freeman Realty.

Moving from so far away and across a border is no simple matter. It can also be complicated to shop for a home when you're not in the town where you want to buy and can only make a few short trips to deal with the matter. Even getting a mortgage or insurance when you don't yet live and work in Canada can be a big challenge.

But through their dedication and hard work, Freeman Realty made the process almost painless. Nancy and Danny Freeman helped us to not only find a great house, but were invaluable in helping us with many other details we needed to deal with.

Nancy even went personally to the bank to have a cheque certified after we'd wired money from the US, so we make the deposit on the property we wanted. She also managed, late on a Sunday, to find us a building inspector that could be there at the crack of dawn the next day so we could have our future home inspected and still catch a flight home. This last feat alone saved us the very high cost of an additional, last minute trip to Toronto.

Nancy and her son Danny were able to get appointments for numerous properties over a very short period of time, even some that were not available for showings or had been taken off the market.

Nancy even stayed in her office until almost midnight one night, exchanging faxes back and forth with us in California, so we could complete the transaction after returning home.

This is our third home purchase, and we know through our experience that few Realtors will go through such lengths to help their clients. What the Freemans did for us was truly impressive. They are not only skilled realtors, but very dedicated and attentive to the needs of their clients.

We are thankful for having been referred to the Freemans. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Jean Gagnon
Kevin Bishop





March 20, 2006

Dear Elden:

I am writing to thank you for your assistance in the sale of my house at 26 Robert Street . As you know, I was in some financial difficulty and was very concerned that I might not be abel to sell without losing a significant part of my investment. However, you immediately put me at ease, assuring me that I was not alone in this kind of predicament and that you would be able to "get me out" on a break-even basis.

The speed with which you organized the sale, including a professional stager ( at no cost), minor home repairs ( again, at no cost), and an open house within a few days was most impressive. And your pricing strategy was, to say the least, inspired, producing a sale after 10 days at 130% over asking price!

In short, your services exceeded all expectations. I cannot thank you enough for getting me out of a tight spot and would not hesitate to recommend Freeman Realty to friends and relatives.


Andrew McNaught